Capgemini Cultural Center

Espaço Cultural Capgemini

The Espaço Cultural Capgemini was created to disseminate different forms of education, art and skills, in line with our People Culture pillar, which is part of our Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability (CR&S) program. Housed in the Alpha I Building, part of the Alphaville BU, the company's largest BU in Brazil, located in the district of Alphaville, city of Barueri (Sao Paulo), the venue was designed to host different cultural exhibitions.


Our Espaco Cultural was inaugurated in 2013 with an exhibition featuring work of mural painter Eduardo Kobra, displaying pieces in three categories: Memories, Personalities and Mosaic. The Viver, reviver e ousar exhibition was named after a mural painting created by the plastic artist for Capgemini, which made it a gift to the city of Sao Paulo in the late 2012.
Now, the venue is hosting its second exhibition: e-lixo é lixo? (is e-waste waste? - in English)


As part of its commitment to inclusion and culture dissemination, the company invites its employees' family members, customers, business partners, and suppliers, as well as university students and the community, to visit the Espaço Cultural Capgemini. By doing so, the company is giving everyone the opportunity to access and interact with different cultural expressions through their relationship with Capgemini. The idea is to put down the barriers between professional and personal life.


After each exhibition, all art pieces are donated to a not-for-profit organization for setting up a permanent exhibition. Therefore, in addition to expanding the artwork life cycle, we can bring art to a wider audience, making culture a part of people's daily lives.