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Customer Experience is a Layer Cake

Customer Experience is a Layer Cake

Customer experience - the part that the customer sees, touches & feels is just the tip of the iceberg.

Customer experience is the key business differentiator – and sustainable advantage only comes from connecting the operational layers that define & enable that experience.

Fixing the Cracks: Reinventing Loyalty Programs for the Digital Age
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Fixing the Cracks: Reinventing Loyalty Programs for the Digital Age

Are Traditional Loyalty Programs Broken?

Launching a loyalty program is expensive & complex. But does this translate into increased customer engagement? Learn how a well-designed, engagement-based loyalty program will create a virtuous cycle: stronger customer relationships, greater advocacy, and enhanced loyalty.

Crafting a Compelling Digital Customer Experience
Point of View

Crafting a Compelling Digital Customer Experience

How can organizations create compelling digital customer experiences that work?

It is the age of the digital customer. And digital customer experience is something that most companies have on top of their agenda. It is not hard to see why.


Our Connected Capabilities Solve Whole Problems.

There are five distinct and intrinsically overlapping areas, we look at our organization in this way.
Create a contextual view of the consumer and the journey with the brand.

Journey Mapping

Highlight opportunities for valued interactions and higher levels of engagement though a visual interpretation of the overall story your client has.

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Imagining and designing a simple and impactful experience regardless of channel, across the entire journey and over time.

Digital content strategy

Drive impactful experiences via valuable planning, development, and management of the content used in the different channels across the experience.

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Campaign Design

Identify the process of creation of customer marketing campaigns across all channels for customers and prospects.

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Architect & deploy adaptive technology solutions that power the aggregation of data and insights to deliver personalized, adaptive experiences across channels.

IT Digital Platform

Integrate solutions and aggregates data to serve your customers interactions across channels in a seamless and trusted way.

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The effective measurement of each interaction and the attribution of interactions across the customer journey.

KPI development

Enabling informed business decisions based on clearly defined metrics to improve company performance in line with corporate strategy.

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Activate & transform people, governance & organizations to fit emerging business objectives.

Digitization Strategy

Focus on all aspects of digitization - from the operational processes and technological capabilities to business model reinvention.

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Process Re-imagination

Analyse and re-design workflows and processes within and between organizations to help achieve significant improvements in key performance measures.

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Maturity Assessments

The first step in understanding your company’s digital capabilities, relative to the broader market and your industry peers.

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Client Stories

Success comes by skilfully connecting customer experience to your customers’ ever changing needs in a way that delivers value at speed for both business and customer. Read about how our clients have achieved success.

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Capgemini enables a leading restaurant chain to offer personalized digital media experience to its customers

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Cost Efficiencies up by 50% at Jardine Group Thanks to Finance Transformation

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