Marketing in the digital age

Meet the newest member of the board…your customer

The experience era

The digital customer is demanding more all the time, but – for marketers - being able to listen, analyse and act on those demands is very rare, especially with marketing budgets under constant threat. Marketing spend is under extreme pressure – spend every dollar wisely and prove value or risk further cuts to budgets. Gone is the ‘faddish’ approach to digital marketing – the one without measurable results. Drive a strategy around value; join it up to the business cycles and provide a single version f data & insight; design-in scale economies’; and protect your strategic capabilities.

Drive impact an efficiency though data driven marketing

How well do you know your customers? We mean "really" know them: their buying habits, their likes and dislikes. Is your company’s marketing strategy more about what you think your customers want to hear than it is about what they really want to know about your company and its products?

We believe in a new era of customer relationships – one that is more akin to the old-fashioned corner shop intimacy than the impersonal brand-focus of more recent years. Relationships which put the customer at the heart of decision making.

New technology makes this possible - it allows you to break down the silos of different customer touch points to focus on the value you bring to your customer, not what revenue they bring to you. It enables real-time engagement and the linking of different data sources to inform meaningful profiling and segmentation. But it’s your people who make it all happen. Digital marketers can be equipped with the skills they need for managing data to create insight and understanding a customer’s context – where they are and what they are doing at a given time. They’ll be able to create marketing content that engages, entertains and interacts with customers the way they want – targeted, efficient personalization that doesn’t invade their privacy.

Our focus lies in:

  • Driving return on investment; integrated analytics and accurate digital marketing can free you as much as 15-20% of marketing spend. 
  • Touching the customer; insight driven, personalized content in near real-time drives base conversion by 12-36%
  • Path to purchase; integrated analytics can drive 3-5% top line growth


Fast, highly iterative digital marketing – with your customer in the middle

Everyone needs a guide through the digital marketplace. We’ve got one for you: your customer. We architect digital transformation that delivers for your first. And that’s how we deliver for you.

We work with you differently: We are your Agency’s best friend - pioneering an end-to-end approach that puts enterprise real-time data into harness alongside their expertise. We’re providing clients with targeted and quantifiable marketing metrics that translate into hard, near real time customer data.

One of our key technical skills is listening: Listening to you, and listening to your customers. We advocate setting up centralised customer insights units in a virtual command centre. In near real time you can analyse and react to a set of live feeds that would have been unthinkable even ten years ago.

We get your people working differently: Your people and how they work together are everything. The most perfect data insights are useless if you can’t act on them fast enough. We work with others differently: Digital Marketing doesn’t work if you ignore the Marketing part. So we learned long ago that we needed to work where Technology meets Business User meets Brand & Agency. If your SI partner cannot work effectively with your brand people, your Marketing Agency, and the guy on the top floor who offers value-adds during final user testing… all bets are off.


Drive efficiency and impact through data-driven marketing – start a conversation today.

How to Put the Customer in the Boardroom

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