SAP Lifecycle Services

Businesses want to reap the rewards of SAP, without the high implementation costs and disruptive upgrades. Capgemini replaces the traditional "one-shot implement and pay" approach with a subscription service that offers continuous improvement, reduced costs, predictability and flexibility.

We at Fiat have achieved an important business improvement and increased operational and service agility through an engagement with Capgemini covering in the dealer financing area. Throughout SAP Lifecycle, we develop, maintain and innovate our applications leveraging Capgemini’s bandwidth of capabilities, optimizing our landscape and lifecycle around our SAP-based common dealer financing system.

Antonia Casamassima
CIO of Fiat Group Automobiles

Aligning Your SAP Investment with Your Strategic Objectives

Our SAP Lifecycle solution is a multi-year managed service that is designed to:

  • Ensure your processes and systems remain aligned with your strategic objectives
  • Increase the predictability of the return on your SAP investment
  • Control the cost and scope of SAP implementation
  • Reduce the total cost of ownership of your SAP landscape

We also offer SAP Licensing or the option to host your SAP systems on Capgemini hardware, eliminating the need for a specialized data center. By building a new “house” for your SAP application landscape, you benefit from:
  • Flexibility: A “menu-card” approach to solution delivery that ranges from on-premise SaaS to cloud-based models
  • Cost efficiency: Subscription-based pricing shifts CAPEX to OPEX with predictable costs over 3 years instead of a costly one-off approach
  • Productivity: Highly reusable components ensure maximum workforce efficiency
  • Cultural proximity: Our Collaborative Business Experience™ and Rightshore® approaches offer customized offshore components according to your maturity

Capgemini's SAP Lifecycle Offering


Collaborating to Maximize the Value of Your SAP Landscape

Capgemini works with you to continuously create and manage value across all components of your lifecycle now and over time. We achieve this by:

  • Providing a “Choose-and-Pick” menu-priced card with 300+ BS7 functionalities bundled in 30 services
  • Running the SAP landscape through industrialization models that use database management support both technical and functional applications
  • Offering SAP hosting that seamlessly integrates with SAP Ready-to-Run to cover all aspects of efficient infrastructure management
  • Integrating upgraded and enriched SAP systems according to best practices and the Integrated Architecture Framework
  • Using our industrialized models to upgrade your current SAP landscape from SAP 4.7 or lower, to ECC 6.0 and BusinessSuite 7
  • Adapting for changes in scope with our innovative subscription service that offers one monthly price for a period of 3 to 5 years

Proven SAP Expertise from a Trusted Partner

Capgemini is one of the world's largest and most experienced SAP systems integrators, with 10,000 practitioners and over 40 years of experience across diverse sectors. To date, we have deployed SAP Lifecycle in over 20 regions around the world.

As a certified Global RUN SAP partner and Global SAP AMS provider, we collaborate with SAP on solutions and initiatives:

  • We developed the first NetWeaver roadmap 6 months before SAP introduced the concept to market
  • We worked closely with SAP to develop its Enterprise Architecture Framework
  • In 2009, we were among only 4 launch partners for SAP's BusinessSuite7. Our partnership on this project won us the prestigious SAP Pinnacle Award for Business Suite 7 adoption in 2010, our fourth SAP Pinnacle Award in the past 5 years
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