Telecom, Media & Entertainment Insights Journal Volume 5

| Point of View

Summer 2008

Helping CEOs and senior executives in the converging communications industries address their most critical strategic and operational challenges.

Mobile 2.0: Strategies for Operators in an Open Mobile Ecosystem - Three broad strategic options for operators in the evolving open mobile landscape

Internet TV: Evaluating the Disruptive Potential in Western Europe - The latest in Internet TV developments and how they could impact existing pay TV platforms such as IPTV and satellite TV

Online Advertising Opportunities: A Telco Value Chain Analysis - An evaluation of the opportunities for telcos in the online advertising business

Mobile Internet Services in Europe and USA: Initiatives to Drive Adoption and Usage - An analysis of ways for operators to stimulate further adoption and usage of mobile Internet services

The Making of Strategy: Formulating Strategies in a Structured Manner - In collaboration with INSEAD, a framework for strategy development

Private Equity: Strategies for Weathering the Storm - An investigation into options for private equity players in a time of uncertainty and slowdown

Telecoms in Africa: Reaching Consumers in Constrained Markets - An exploratory piece on the potential of Africa as a ‘greenfield’ opportunity for operators looking for new subscriber growth

Better Global Sourcing of Services: Frameworks for TME Players - In association with Dr.George Yip, a model for global sourcing