The world around us is challenging. Business solutions must bring real value and lead to demonstrable results. PointZERO® means avoid wasting effort on rework and getting it right from the start.

Get IT Right First Time

In today’s world organizations must realize that IT is just a precondition. Real success comes from how you integrate IT into the business process. An instinctive management reaction could be to drive information technology from a cost and time perspective.
However you need to have an overarching view in order to see improvement throughout the application lifecycle and ensure business solutions are fit for purpose and right the first time.

The PointZERO® vision

PointZERO® is a vision that involves delivering parallel and step-by-step improvement across the application lifecycle. It lets you:
  • Reduce and eliminate defects at the source
  • Mitigate risks
  • Decrease or avoid costs
  • Increase productivity
  • Speed up time to market without sacrificing quality
The implementation of an effective PointZERO® strategy can take many forms, but it always follow combinations of measures from these three core tracks:
  • Industrialization by deploying quality-driving tools and standardization
  • Enable Quality through the Empowerment of the QA Team with Quality & Collaboration
  • Using Smart Inspiration to arm an improvement program with cutting-edge possibilities
Find out more about PointZERO® with our sister company Sogeti or buy the book.
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