Shifting your marketing message from a brand focus to customer value

Digital marketing screams ‘new technology’. But is effective digital marketing more about your business capability – your ability to change an operating model quickly – than about the technology itself? When a sudden situational change occurs, adapting your digital marketing on the spot, such as sending a relevant and timely tweet, has the potential to drive home your brand message far more effectively than a static banner advert, poster, or TV campaign.

Yet there is also still a place for traditional marketing techniques in today’s digital world. It’s about getting the balance right between all customer touchpoints. And it is about understanding how to unlock the value of data by putting it into context in real-time.

Digital marketing is a little like a popular children’s game: the one where you join the dots to gradually reveal a complete picture. Marketing begins with an unknown entity – the customer. The more you engage with your customers and join up the information dots across multiple touchpoints, the clearer the picture becomes about their buying habits, likes and dislikes.

New digital is changing the game. It enables real-time engagement based on the here and now – the tweet to known sports fans when a team your brand is sponsoring scores. An inspired and immediate digital response.

This increasing ability to engage with a consumer’s real-time context is just one of the trends we have identified in next generation consumer engagement, notably in Retail, Media, Travel and Transport, Financial Services and Consumer Goods companies. It is already having an impact on marketing programs, as are a number of other trends driven by digital. In "Shifting your marketing message from a brand focus to customer value" we discuss seven trends with each generating its own particular platform and data opportunities, as well as challenges.

Digital marketing transformation is undoubtedly complex due to the different media available (traditional and new), the requirement for new skillsets, and the rapidly changing technology landscape. But done in the right way, in support of your brand aspirations and strategy, there are huge opportunities to transform outcomes.

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