Utilities Consulting Services

Keep pace with changes in the market by optimizing your operations across the utilities value chain.

Industry Changes Require New Operational Strategies

Utilities face volatile commodity prices, environmental pressures, competition and regulation, as well as the introduction of smart technology everywhere.

To keep step with these changes, you need new operational strategies, business-wide transformation, and an optimized organization. We closely monitor market trends in the utilities industry with a network of dedicated labs, so you stay ahead of the game.

Transform with the Power of Digital

Our consulting services include:
  • Cleantech
  • Energy retailers
  • Operational excellence
  • Smart Energy

These technologies can transform your business, increase operational efficiency and renew supplier-customer relationships.

Using Insight to Transform Utilities

We have over 800 consultants operating in 12 major geographies across the entire value chain and industry. That’s why 60% of the leading utilities companies worldwide turn to us.
At our Utilities Consulting Services, an international team develops services to address the specific needs of utilities around the world. The center is supported by Capgemini’s Utilities Strategy Lab, a global network of consultants and researchers who provide the latest insights into the utilities industry. 
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